The Three Pillars

We believe that a healthy mindset and commitment to self-improvement are needed for change to occur. New Age Hoops works to create change within the following 3 pillars:

Elite Level Basketball Skills Training

At New Age Hoops, fundamentals and knowledge of the game are our foundation. As players develop their skills, it is crucial that their knowledge of the game grows along with them. Footwork, shooting mechanics, triple threat, passing, ball fakes, ball handling, finishing around the basket, defense, and understanding how to play effectively off the ball.

Athletic Performance & Injury Prevention Training

Unfortunately, injuries can often interfere with a player’s athletic potential. In order for players to become well-rounded, it is important to understand how to train effectively, and how to take care of the body after training.

Mindset Training

The right mindset is the key to unlocking a player’s true potential, both on and off the court.

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